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*magus /ímeiges/ n. ( pl. magi) say may-jus
1 (the (three) magi) the wise men from the east.
2 a magician, master of the four elements, able to
shift events in his favour. 3 known for great ability
in the area of strategy, corporate finance and m&a


 client testimonials


Admiral Group a²om
Major Players Nylon Hosiery James Douglas
Tombstone Brookend Enterprises Molinare Limited
Resolution Security Inca Interiors nails inc
The Handmade Cake Company  London Digital Printing Group Tangent Industries


"We could not have done this deal without Magus.  They supported us every step of the way and played a key role in us achieving a successful outcome in a complex deal".

Graham McMullen
Founder & MD
Admiral Group
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"We very much enjoyed working with Magus.  They provided valuable strategic guidance and perspective during the early development stages of a²om and were instrumental in helping us to secure the development capital required for us to take the business to the next level".

Nick Rowley
Group MD
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"If I was to do it again...I would have got you involved earlier in the planning phase...I was very impressed with your advice and felt you were always acting in my best interests.  I would love to work with you again and would definitely recommend you".

Jack Gratton
Major Players
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"I particularly appreciated your honest opinions and advice and know that having Magus in our corner significantly enhanced the value of the transaction for me and the other family shareholders".

Pam Curry
exiting MD
Nylon Hosiery
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"What I consider to have been the truly unique contribution by Magus is your unerring personal support to me and your commitment to the deal's successful conclusion".

Mike Hawkes
James Douglas
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"I also very much appreciated your brand of 'life support', making yourself available at any time to listen and advise on the million attendant issues I confronted with my colleagues, customers and all the other stakeholders. Keeping the ship steady during the high-stress period of the transaction was vital, and you were most helpful throughout".

"I don’t easily part with my money, but in this case I was happy to because I got value for money.  Well done and thank you; you did what you said you would do and delivered.  I might even call on you again if I find myself doing this again".

Dai Prichard
Resolution Security
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"The reason for writing is to thank you for the way in which you conducted the sale of The Handmade Cake Company. From the outset with the collation of the information for the memorandum (which I thought was excellent) and through the "bidding" process I thought you were outstanding. But it was the work that you did once the headline deal had been agreed where I felt you really started to demonstrate why Magus is unique."

"The sheer commitment in negotiating the complex detail of the transaction was fantastic for us - we understand the level of personal (as well as professional) commitment that you put into it. It is not taken for granted."

James Perry, Chairman of The Handmade Cake Company
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"It is refreshing to deal with someone who not only understands the business but can stand away from it and offer some decisive clear-minded thinking.  Equally important is the ability to deliver what's required in spite of being under a great deal of pressure."

Tony McClellan, Brookend Enterprises
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"You told me that the buy-out was going to be a painful process and you were certainly right!  Without your firm guidance and forceful hand, I dare say that we would have called a halt."

Peter Aves, Managing Director, Inca Interiors
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"I had always thought of accountants as an unnecessary evil - until you turned up.  I couldn't understand the use of your monthly strategy sessions, but you proved me wrong.  What you have done has actually made us money!"

Ian Barrow, Managing Director, London Digital Printing Group
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"Hi Clive, Thanks a million for your help on the MBO - Kind regards Mark."

Mark  Foligno, Managing Director, Molinare Limited
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"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you have done for us.  I know we have had our stormy moments but that is all part of working so closely together.  In spite of them, I treat you as essential members of the team."

Thea Callan, Managing Director, nails inc.
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"You are a good team.  The acquisition of London Digital Printing was enjoyable as well as profitable."

Michael Green, Tangent Industries
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