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*magus /ímeiges/ n. ( pl. magi) say may-jus
1 (the (three) magi) the wise men from the east.
2 a magician, master of the four elements, able to
shift events in his favour. 3 known for great ability
in the area of strategy, corporate finance and m&a


 mergers & acquisitions

Ian Barrow was convinced of the long-term potential for London Digital Printing Group, a central London-based provider of digital printing services, principally to the marketing services sector.

However, with his father contemplating retirement, Ian knew that a sale was the best way forward.

We introduced the opportunity to Tangent Industries, a private investment company. We advised through to completion of the transaction, including continuing the handling of the liaison process with the vendor, the new management team, the legal advisers and bankers. Since then we have been involved, both in monitoring the business and giving advice post acquisition.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, the process of deal initiation and execution takes an enormous amount of management time. An energetic, determined and experienced adviser should add more to the transaction than the cost of their fee. That is our test of "value added".

We offer a hands-on approach to:
* selling a business
* acquiring a business

* negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances


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