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*magus /ímeiges/ n. ( pl. magi) say may-jus
1 (the (three) magi) the wise men from the east.
2 a magician, master of the four elements, able to
shift events in his favour. 3 known for great ability
in the area of strategy, corporate finance and m&a


 corporate finance

Peter Aves, Russell Booker and Simon Mallott know a lot about kitchens. Now they also know a lot about staging a successful management buy-out.

In a deal worth £2.8 million, the three bought Inca Interiors, a thriving specialist supplier and installer of quality kitchens to the housebuilding sector. We were at their side from the inception of the deal, conducting our own review of the business, helping prepare a business plan and financial projections, helping to secure offers from a number of equity and debt financiers, and then assisting with the due diligence and legal process over the next three months until completion. We are still closely involved, providing the team with ongoing consultancy.

When it comes to raising finance, it pays to have been at the coal face. And because we have been there, we take a rugged approach. We’ll only accept mandates for transactions where we believe we can deliver what our client wants.

We advise on:
* funding strategy and corporate finance structure
* assistance in the preparation of business plans
* raising equity
* arranging debt finance


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