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*magus /ímeiges/ n. ( pl. magi) say may-jus
1 (the (three) magi) the wise men from the east.
2 a magician, master of the four elements, able to
shift events in his favour. 3 known for great ability
in the area of strategy, corporate finance and m&a


 business appraisals

Some of our clients prefer to remain anonymous. One of them, an overseas company connected with a client for whom we have acted in several transactions over the years, asked us to review the prospects of Universal Vehicles Group, a Yorkshire-based manufacturer of specialist vehicles with a £15m turnover.

We were asked for our view on the business: its market position and competitive pressures; its recent and historic trading record; the up-to-date order book and its likely profitability; its short-term cash requirements and medium-term outlook; and its management and organisation structure

Following our review, an additional investment of £500,000 was provided.

You can’t afford to make a mistake when you buy, or invest in, a business. So don’t just rely on the numbers. Our insight is born out of our own commercial experience.

We carry out:
* business appraisals prior to acquisition/investment, on  
* behalf of entrepreneurs, financial investors and banks
* formal due diligence reporting
* share valuations


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