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*magus /�meiges/ n. ( pl. magi) say may-jus
1 (the (three) magi) the wise men from the east.
2 a magician, master of the four elements, able to
shift events in his favour. 3 known for great ability
in the area of strategy, corporate finance and m&a


 a small firm that thinks big

We bring the disciplined and structured approach of a major professional firm, but not the hierarchy or the bureaucracy. Our clients range from private company proprietors through to some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and CEOs. Their businesses include start-ups, SMEs and subsidiaries of multinational corporations.

We have worked with a wide spectrum of advisers, including many of the big players in investment banking, accounting and legal circles. Our Partners bring many years of experience to the party and our team has been involved in over 300 transactions.

We do not limit ourselves, either by market sector or geography. We also have an extensive network of specialists upon whom we can draw for specific support. Our expertise is understanding the entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. And what we do best is help manage change in businesses as they develop.


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